Songs in the Key of Life

I’m not a blogger anymore — not that I ever really claimed to be. But I still hang onto this blog — just for times when I might need it to say something that a tweet couldn’t quite cover. Now is one of those times.

This week I was informed that my beloved show, Songs in the Key of Life, would not be given the opportunity to continue on Today FM.

Obviously, I’m very upset and disappointed. The show has been my baby for many years — ever since I first pitched it back in 2014, as a programme that would allow brilliant guests to talk about their lives and play their favourite music. From my first show in April 2014 — with Andy Cairns of Northern rockers Therapy? — right through to my most recent show, with ITV2 presenter Laura Whitmore, I’ve loved doing the programme. Every single, and sometimes crazy, minute of it.

Songs in the Key final pic

What arts fan wouldn’t, after all, want to hang out with Elbow, spend time chatting to Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy, or appreciate the wisdom contained in an interview with director Neil Jordan, or authors Irvine Welsh or Roddy Doyle? For me, it was the dream.

In its four years on air, first with Dublin station TXFM (2014-2016) and then with Today FM, the programme won two Irish Radio Awards — for interviews I did with Cathy Davey and Blindboy Boatclub of the Rubberbandits. This year, the programme recorded its highest listenership yet, up 2,000 listeners year-on-year, giving the show a bunch of new fans and texters, which has been lovely.

I’m sure that many have their own opinion on the programme — what it is, what it’s worth and what its removal means. And they can have those opinions. Welcome to ’em!

But for me, I’d like to just say one thing in particular.

I remain extremely proud of what Songs in the Key of Life is and was.

My final show will be on Sunday July 1st, and it will be an exclusive interview with Aaron and Bryce from The National, featuring new music from them and Bon Iver that has never been played on radio before.

Thank you so much for listening.




6 thoughts on “Songs in the Key of Life

  1. Sorry to hear this Nadine. Always enjoyed it on the road home from skibb to kenmare. I’m sure twill be back in some other guise.

  2. Well I for one will sorely miss ‘Songs in the Key of Life’ Nadine… I’ve loved every one I’ve listened to. You have a fantastic radio presence so I’m sure whatever is next on your agenda will be equally as wonderful… Have to say, I truly miss Phantom / TXFM though… No radio station has ever come close. Such a pity! Thanks for letting us know all the same…x

  3. I’m really sorry, and annoyed to hear this news. Your programme was one of the (few) alternative and intelligent shows on Today FM. Great chats and great music. Thanks so much Nadine, and very best wishes. Breda

  4. One of the best music shows out there, with an interesting eclectic wander through music framed by lovely chats with interesting people. A real shame, especially as this isn’t the first decent show shelved by today FM, no doubt to be replaced by something more mainstream. Good luck to you in your future ventures, I’ll listen out for ya!

  5. That’s an absolute tragedy. First TX now this. Always looked forward to hearing who was on, remember Edwyn Collins being a real surprise and treat. Nadine , form is temporary class is permanent and you have that in spades. Upwards and onwards & thanks for the memories

  6. Sorry to hear about this Nadine. Always love your show on the trip home from Cork-Dublin. The very best of luck with your future ventures x

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